Product Certification
activated Cup


1. The activity of water back into the water 2. Antimicrobial, filtering impurities (99%)
3. Water weak base of (PH 7.3-7.8) 4.Ionized minerals in the water (636cc)
5.To the release of far-infrared (0.923) 6.Can remove the chlorine molecule (28mg / L)


Model Specifications And Configuration:
1.400cc +1 a basic activity of rod
2.400cc +2 a basic activity of rod
3. 600cc +1 a basic activity of rod


Instructions and precautions

1.For the first time use, into the cup 2 / 3 water, shaking after 5-10 seconds, drained, washed again 3 times.

2.Cup into the pure water, put it aside for 5-10 minutes to drink

3. Water bar can not use a liquid other than water, but with the activity of the water will, after tea, juice, etc. for the top grade

4.Cup of water suitable for drinking within 24 hours

5.In accordance with one day 1.4L proportion of water used for drinking, activity bar in the 12 months to be replaced.

6. Glass can not use boiling water, not frozen, cup water temperature should not exceed 40 degrees.




Times more suitable for drinking



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