Product Certification
After-sales servicedongbaobidet

East P & G continued to develop its own physical network device the size, distribution network covers all over the country, the main export regions include South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, the United States, there are several stores in the country. Toho customer-oriented service system is established with the end consumer service system, entrusted with the brand and consumers to achieve the mission of good communication, understanding customer needs, meet your demand for beauty and comfort for you to choose the most suitable product . Service with a smile as the only face to face every consumer and every consumer issues.

Where there is sunshine, there is the service we deliver it. Areas of construction, there we create the full spiritual products. A place where people live, have us create a wonderful life.
1. Delivery Service
After purchase, free home three working days to install.
2. Customers return visit
After installed by the customer to pay a return visit within a week, listen to your comments and suggestions, to ensure service quality.
3. Receiving maintenance

When your machine problems, please feel free to call the service hotline, maintenance personnel will be time for you to rule out mechanical failure.
4. Consumables replacement
Service will be free within one business day delivery to your home (urban), the same price and market price, eliminating the pain of your tired of the straight.
5. Warranty
Free one-year warranty (excluding consumables), life-long maintenance, the real you peace of mind