Product Certification

Proxy object

● construction industry clients
● building materials industry clients
● home improvement industry clients
● trade industry clients
● medical industry customers
● cleaning industry clients
● domestic service industry merchants
● environmental protection equipment business sector clients
● certain other entities and individuals operating capacity

Agent condition

● have the appropriate legal or natural person qualified business
● Management has a certain capacity and market development capabilities
● have the appropriate investment in capacity and better operating facilities
● have focused on the dedication and good business reputation
● have a good understanding and ability to learn


● to establish contact information (phone, fax, email, zip code, postal address)
● obtain product information and marketing manual for details about the product features and agent information
● to accept the central qualification verification (business license, business conditions, investor strength)
● to center field visits
● identify regional and agency-level agency, under the conditions of approval in both the agency agreement signed
● configured products.
● Center and timely issuance of authorization issued loans
● received technical training center, receive training materials.