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High alkaline reduction system, creating healthy spring

Published:2010-2-24 10:51:43 ALL3053

To improve the acidic, add vitality to your life

Weak alkaline: Long-term excessive drinking can be in and the body's acid to remove acid and toxin, on gastric acid caused by excessive stomach pain and discomfort improvement.

Improve the gout: a long-term reduction of drinking alkaline water can reduce the concentration of uric acid in the body, effectively prevent gout attacks. At the same time can reduce the incidence of gallstones and the risk of kidney stones.

Small molecules: penetration ability, strong activity, can rapidly enter the body of the cell wall, the waste out of the body, promote metabolism.

Rich in calcium: calcium alkaline reducing water, in the active state, easily absorbed by the body. Rich in carbon: an effective neutralizing free radicals, reduce free radical attack on cells.

Negative potential: modern medicine shows that free radicals to promote human aging, the internal factors that produce disease, alkaline reduced water with negative potential, is reducing, can remove 75% of blood free radicals.