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Electronic Bidetdongbaobidet
BDK-817 Bidet



1.Men and women share 11.Automatic washing nozzles
2.Women-only 12. Device filter
3.Massage rinse 13.Spray washing
4.Warm air dryer 14.Movable nozzles
5.Hydraulic adjustable 15.Before and after the position of adjustable nozzles
6.Adjustable water temperature of 16.Can automatically slow reset
7.Seat heating 17.Effective energy saving
8.Adjustable seat temperature 18.Seated sense
9.E-automatic operation  
10.Device pumps  

 Size Description

TOHO GREEN Bidet Features

Women-only spray nozzle separation devices of women's

clean and healthy non-Often useful, When the water can automatically

adjust the strength and improve performanceWash degree

Buffer to cover back bit slow

Wash or clean the anus female end, after 120 seconds with warm wind automatic drying air temperature up to 60 ℃

Wash the anus when the water pressure

by adjusting the strength of repeated, increasing the role of

anal massage to improve bowel movement performance

Depending on the temperature and personal

preferences can choose to seat heating, winter

can be maintained at a certain temperature, good for health

Sprinkler back and forth movement, increase cleaning degree

According to personal preferences, before and

after the location of sprinkler Can operate in three files.



Model Specifications:

Model BDK-817
Rated voltag 220V/50HZ
Power 850W
Power cord 2m
Water Pressure 0.75-7.5kgf/c㎡
Product Dimensions D571×W528×H175
Weight 6.3㎏


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